Church Creed

What We Believe

Our Code of Ethics and Creed. This is what we believe and practice.

  • We believe that everyone is responsible for his or her own spiritual growth and development and we ask people to look within themselves or, if necessary SEARCH within themselves for answers.
  • We believe people must actively seek their growth path while following the Golden Rule and remaining open to new possibilities.
  • We believe that people should do God’s work exactly as it is revealed to them.
  • We believe that people should always work toward governing their daily behavior in accord with their religious beliefs.
  • We believe that there are many paths leading to the same point and that God has different messages for different people in different situations.
  • We believe that our spiritual growth and development will take place more steadily if we eat good food, obtain proper exercise, pray and/or meditate, and find satisfying, right work.
  • We believe that spiritual growth and development is directly related to everything we do and is not just an exercise that is done from time to time.
  • We believe in the 66 Books of the Bible (the Word of God the Father) and the teachings of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
  • We strongly believe that Marriage is defined by God the Father and “Traditional Marriage” is the only ceremonies that we shall provide.